Saad Bhamla

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Assistant Professor - Head Honcho

School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Additional Affiliations:

GT Bioengineering Program

Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience

Center for Biologically Inspired Design

Physics of Living System (PoLS) @GT


Lab Mascots

Ollie & Bella

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Symone Alexander

2018 Eckert Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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Yasmine Ozcan -


Postdoctoral Fellow with Goldman Lab (Physics)

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Graduate Students


Udita Ringania

ChBE PhD Candidate

Udita’s research is trying to tackle the challenge of high energy requirements for drying Cellulose Nanofibers/crystals

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Xiangting (Ray) Lei

ChBE PhD Candidate

Ray is working on building cyborg synthetic cells!

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Benjamin Seleb

Robotics PhD Student

Ben's research is focused on the development of frugal instrumentation and equipment in order to increase accessibility to animal/environmental data collection.

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Elio J. Challita

BioE PhD Candidate

Elio's research focuses on extreme organismic biophysics and interfacial fluid mechanics. Current projects include sharpshooter peeing and spitting termites!

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Jonathan O'Neil

ChBE PhD Candidate

1st generation Trinidadian American from Baltimore. Johnny is studying changes in geometry in response to water transport in synthetic models inspired by desert bird feathers.

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Harry Tuazon

BioE PhD Student

Harry is studying to understand the collective group dynamics of physically entangled biological active matter such as California Blackworms and apply that into robotics

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Undergraduate Students

Joseph Harrison

    Junior ChBE Undergrad

    Joseph works on the separation of water from nanocellulose pulp via through unconventional low-cost technologies. 

    Urvaksh Irani

      Senior ME Undergrad

      Urvaksh studies the Biphase Helmholtz Resonator: fundamental fluid mechanics of how liquids ‘jump’ out of containers with a single opening.

      Gaurav Byagathvalli

        Junior ChBE Undergrad

        Gaurav's research lies at the interface of synthetic biology and genetic engineering, with a focus on electroporation technology and drug/vaccine development

        Raghav Achrya

          Junior ChBE Undergrad

          Raghav's research involves looking at the biomechanics of extreme human hand motion.

          Abhay Iyer

            Junior ChBE Undergrad

             Abhay’s research involves understanding the mechanics behind water transport in bird feathers, specifically on a nano-scale. He also likes his dogs.

            Current High-school Student Interns

            1. Sai Mettopalli, Lambert 

            2. Aryan Gupta, Lambert 

            3. Krishi Kishore, Lambert
            4. Tanishk Sinha, Lambert
            5. Priya Soneji, Milton

            Alumni Graduate Students/Postdocs

            1. ​Joshua Culver, ChBE MS student, Industry

            2. Jane Agwaro, ChBE MS student, Industry

            Alumni UG and Highschool 


            1. Soham Sinha, NSF GRFP, PhD @Stanford (2020)

            2. Xu Xinjing, MS Stanford (2020)

            3. Kate Burgener, PhD, Wisconsin Madison (2020)

            4. Lily Luan,  (2019)

            5. Shashwati daCunha (2019)

            6. Soor Vora, UG (2018)

            7. Patrick Snyder, UG (2017)

            Highschool Students

            1. Kevin Li, HS, Lambert, GT undergrad (2018)

            2. Anubhav Dubey, HS, Webb Bridge (2018)

            3. Shair Shekhar, HS, Wheeler (2018)

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