The 3D-Fuge

       Centrifuges are a critical component of most laboratories across the world, essential for basic molecular cloning workflows to performing medical diagnostics. However, due to the cost of centrifuges, the need for electricity, and difficulty to transport have limited their incorporation into labs across the world. Continuing in the spirit of the Paperfuge, the 3D-Fuge represents the next frugal science innovation enabling centrifugation of samples at higher quantities, all through the usage of 3D-printing technology.

        Here, we demonstrate the capability of the 3D-Fuge in performing centrifugation with larger sample sizes through nucleotide extractions in the field in the Amazon Rainforest and chromoprotein analysis for STEM education in high schools.  We envision numerous new applications possible through this invention, and encourage you to join us to explore new opportunities in the applications of low-cost devices through frugal science.

Read the full paper on PLOS Biology: 

Access the STL files here to print your own 3D-Fuge! :